Dressage Show Information

Traditional Dressage

USDF Introductory Level Purpose and Directives

Expections for Introductory Level Dressage Test.

An excerpt from On The Levels. On The Levels provides examples of the new Introductory through Fourth level dressage tests with commentary from top US trainers and judges. Video from USDFORG YouTube Channel

Gaited Dressage

Training Level Test 1 - WEG Demo

Gaited Dressage Training Level Test 1

2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games with USEF 2007 Training Level Test 1 with Juvenile Ashley Pletcher on Count It All Joy, called by Ronance Hammond and critiqued by USDF Judge Betty Ortlieb Video from Nathaniel Jackson Also see videos from Naturally Gaited